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Rickshaw RecordsRickshaw Records began in 1993 as the "record company" for San Diego's premiere instrumental band, Surf Report.  Our first release was a demo tape of surf songs recorded in a garage, so that Surf Report could get some gigs. As they say, the rest is history.  What grew from a necessity to look like an official record company, actually turned into a real record company over the years. 

The first official release was a 1994 cassette tape of Surf Report's first album, The Bikini Island Experiment.  Rickshaw Records recorded the band, produced the artwork and the duplication of hundreds of full-color, retail-ready cassette tapes.

With the advent of afordable computer-based recording, Rickshaw Records began producing radio jingles, station imaging and news parody songs for radio shows across the country, including Jeff & Jer (San Diego, CA), Scott & Todd (New York City), and Kidd Kraddick (Dallas, TX).  Rickshaw Records was one of the first radio production units to deliver product digitally using email and the web, rather than by snail-mail on DAT or reel-to-reel tape.

Through the late 1990's, we produced several live audio CD's including The Dyno-Tones, CHUM, and 5-South, expanded our studio and recording equipment list, and refined our studio recording and live recording processes.  We also began producing multimedia CD's for our artists with more than just audio tracks.  The multimedia portions are accessible with a computer, and include photos, videos, and intreactive web pages of the bands.   

In 2000, Rickshaw Records Artist Surf Report won for "Best Rock Band in San Diego" in a San Diego Reader annual poll.

In 2001, Rickshaw Records moved to Rancho Penasquitos and began professional recording of bands in our home studio.  We teamed-up with the instrumental surf music scene, recording bands and live shows, and releasing CD compilations such as Charlie Does Surf and KCR Presents: Aztec Beach.

Through the first decade of the new millenium, Rickshaw Records has kept busy with specialty digital music downloads, licensing, and worldwide distribution.  We have licensed music for commercial films, MTV, DVD's and web-promotions, and sold thousands of CD's to the Asian market.
On our website, we offer more than 20 individual titles for sale, and the artists get paid for each download.  Our downloads include printable cover artwork, and some of our live shows are FREE downloads.

Rickshaw Records also offers Do-It-Yourself Ribbon Microphone Plans for professional recording. This micropohone design has become a standard for DIY mics, providing a complete start-to-finish tutorial for building your own professional microphone.  

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