Charlie Does Surf

The Bombers & The Vivisectors
(Safe European Home)

The Vivisectors (Moscow)
Big Mike Antipow - composing, guitars, samples, mix-down, mastering, producing, cover design.
Ivan Chugunow - rhythm guitar

Bombers (St. Petersburg)
Vitaly (Kalya) Andreyew- composing, solo guitar
Max Temnow- bass guitar
Micha Smirnow- drums

The Vivisectors are one of a handful of Russian bands who are currently playing surf and instro. "Lo-fi Psychosurf band from Deep Russian Underground!" That's how The Vivisectors are calling themselves. Guitarist Mike Antipow draws influence from Hank C. Burnette, Dick Dale, John Lee Hooker, Hubert Sumlin and pretty much any style of music. But from all styles he prefers minimalistic and lo-fi. The Vivisectors cut B-movies and put some parts of them into songs. That's why they call themselves The Vivisectors.

The Vivisectors band was formed in 2000, when Mike Antipow got the ability to assemble together live sounds of guitars and organ with drum loops at his home PC. That year he recorded his first album Love and Death. Then he recorded Horror Club (2001), Somewhere in a Big City (2002), Peter and the Wolf (2002), Fried Chicken and Gasoline (2003), and Case History of John Doe (2003). Last album was released in June 2004 at small Priboy division of russian biggest label Soyuz.

The Vivisectors also recorded Willie the Pimp for the surf instrumental cover versions of tunes by Frank Zappa (Cordelia records) and Belka and Strelka the Space Dogs for the compilation "Interplanetary Materials" (Comfort Stand Records) both this stuffs will be included into their new CD Sutured by The Vivisectors, that will be release in 2004), Russky Psycho for mexican Irrealidad Discos and Air India for poland Cosmic Records.

The Vivisectors got their debut gig June 2004 opening for Laika and The Cosmonauts at the Moscow Kitayski Lotchik club. They invited famous Russian guitarist Valery Shapovalow. Valery get different pop projects through his 40 year music carrier starting in the Moscow instro rock band Moscvishi in 1964.

In September 2004, Mike invited famous St. Petersburg psychosurf band Bombers for Case History of John Doe release party to play together. It was real surf holiday and also birthday of this new project . Bombers & Vivisectors have recorded "Safe European Home" for the Charlie Does Surf Clash compilation (Ricksaw records) and "Don't Put It Down" for Hair compilation (OmOm records) and also began recording split album "Russian Surf" together.

In 2005, Bombers & Vivisectors are planning a mini tour in Europe (Poland, Germany, Austria etc).