Charlie Does Surf

(Straight To Hell)

Pure instrumental surf music, the way it's supposed to be. No pretty harmonies, no old ladies from The Valley, only guitar, bass, drums, reverb, and a good time. So come one, come all, twist, swim, pogo, or do the Surfer's Stomp, it doesn't matter. Pack up the old VW, and head down to see CHUM.
Roger Merritt ~ Guitar
Straight outta' the LBC, this player's got mad skills droppin' dope tremelo on the axe. His smooth guitar stylings will make their way through your ears, and into your hearts. Likes: Cheese, Ozzy, your Mom. Dislikes: Whack rhymes. stale beats. Roger surfs fat-foot.

Willy B ~ Bass
Willy B hails from 'Surf City' Huntington Beach CA. He is a celebrity around town as he is often stopped in the street for autographs for his appearance on 'Beverly Hills 90210' (He ollied off a curb in front of Kelly/Jenny Garth). Willy B is a goofy-foot.

Adrien Anthony ~ Drums
Adrien began playing tribal rhythms atop a Quaker Oats box that his mother fashioned around his neck to keep him from the coffee table. Raised on a healthy diet of soul, and R&B, he discovered rock n' roll as a teen. Adrien has played extensively throughout Southern California with many album, and television credits. Adrien is a goofy-foot.

Rich Knight ~ Special Guest Guitarist
Rich hails from San Diego's The Royaltones, and appears on "Straight to Hell"