Charlie Does Surf

The Cocktail Preachers
(Rudie Can't Fail)

Stevie Martini - Guitar
Phil Tiki - Bass
Bruce 'Vitamin B' Bindeman - Guitar
Rick Casino - Drums

From a city that thinks surf music is what you listen to when you're on the Internet, Stevie Martini (left guitar), Phil Tiki (bass), Bruce 'Vitamin B' Bindeman (right guitar), and Rick Casino (drums), find that Chicago, IL offers a unique atmosphere for playing.

With blues clubs practically on every corner, The Cocktail Preachers have almost single handedly brought their own version of the California sound to the Windy City. With imitators springing up occasionally, there really is nothing like the vibe and energy of a Cocktail Preachers show.

Since hitting the Chicago skyline with this lineup since December 2003, the Cocktail Preachers have been playing in one form or another since 1997. They have won over countless musical fans who've grown tired of the same old 'white-boy blues' and ever name changing hipster garage rock. The Cocktail Preachers set the standard that few come close to reaching.

With constant rave reviews, the Preachers can often be seen playing select clubs around the city. The band is getting ready to enter the studio to record the follow up to their critically acclaimed CD "Open Bar Confessional."

If the release is anywhere near as cool as the bootleg MP3s floating around, watch for a 2005 release that will raise the bar another notch and will draw comparisons to "Half Price Bloody Mary Nite" at the Vatican Bar & Grill.