Charlie Does Surf

(What's My Name)

Since the moment they burst on the scene in Belo Horizonte, Brazil in 1997, the sound of Estrume'n'tal has been difficult to define.  Names such as Ramones, Buzzcoks, The Cramps, Bo Diddley, Billy Childish, Link Wray, The Ventures, The Jet Blacks, Young Guard in general, Man or Astro-Man, Robert Carlos, Zé Coconut of the Riachão, Tião Path, Enio Morricone and a mountain of other bands come to mind.

To try to give new fans an idea of this sound, their style has been described by a series of new names, such as "surf-punk", "surf-roca", "instrument-metal", and others.

Mixing varied influences, Estrume'n'tal makes a racket that does not fit in the traditional classifications of the musical styles... But the best definition is, with certainty, "Estrume style."  Basic rock 'n' roll, with weight and speed. Good to dance and to hear.