Charlie Does Surf

The Lava Rats
(Complete Control

Bill Bergstrom - Guitar
Kenan O’Brien - Bass
Taylor Still - Drums

Since the early part of this century, the San Francisco Bay Area has come to know the name of The Lava Rats. With their distinct blend of fiery originals and razor-sharp covers, this trio of surf musicians has made a lasting mark on the clubs in their hometown and beyond. Travelling up and down the California coast, they bring their hard-boiled Nor-Cal surf rock to clubs from San Diego to Santa Rosa.

Bill Bergstrom fronts the band, and his arsenal of guitars attracts almost as much attention as he does. Kenan O'Brien, the ever-solid bass player lays down the foundation for Bill to jump from, all while finding the darkest corner of the stage to stand in.  The red-faced drummer is Taylor Still, an accomplished drummer and percussionist, who rounds out the band by providing the solid beat and his own flair, all the while driving the band with straight-ahead surf chops.