Charlie Does Surf

The Nematoads
(Death or Glory)

Ted James - guitars
Craig Higgins - bass
George Pestana - drums

From out of the West (well, Central) of Texas comes that horny-frog of studied, despondent desert cool, the Nematoads. Yes, the Nematoads - the jewel of Austin's quasi-existent surf scene.

Armed with the piquant squid-and-english muffin guitar tones of Ted James, the man with two first names, they are Toadin' it up all over the District with a sound and style that even the 6th street veterans and jaded hipsters have to agree is good!

James is accompanied by oddball bassist Craig Higgins and drummer George Pestana. In a world filled with insanity and greed and cool people who wear too much eye-shadow, the Nematoads are the sound of Old America, the vibe of the street with a five-o'clock club beat. Instrumental music played by regular guys is almost never compelling but here they don't mince words (since there aren't any) and don't spend a lot of time on any heavy down.

Catch the ironic hypersonic wave of the Nematoads and you'll be glad you did.  And if you're not glad, bah humbug! We'll never invite you over for dinner anyway!