Charlie Does Surf

The Fabulous Planktones
(London's Burning)

Marty Tippens - Guitar
Jon Green - Guitar and Bass
Jim Tippens - Bass and Guitar
Art Chianello - Drums

The Fabulous Planktones formed in summer of 1997 in Glendale, California playing So. Cal. clubs and surf shows.  They released "Surfin' at the Sinbad" on (El Toro Records, Oct; 2001) and "The Fabulous Planktones are Makin' the Scene!" (El Toro Records, Spain, July 2003).  They have appeared on several surf music compilation CD's including "Fiberglass Jungle" and "Better than Average Weekend" (both on Deep Eddy Records), "That's New Pussycat", "Jesus Christ Surfer Star" and "American Graffiti Revisited" (all on OmOm Records, Italy).