Charlie Does Surf

Pollo Del Mar
(Charlie Don't Surf)

Jeff Turner- Bass
Jeremy Rexford- Drums
Jono Jones- Guitar
Ferenc Dobronyi- Guitar

Pollo Del Mar have become the Lon Chaney of instrumental rock- the band with a thousand faces. At any given moment you'll hear a little psychedelia, a little schmaltz, some TV themes, a couple of Zappa tunes, a set of trad surf, some guitar wanking, thrashing and feedback, spaghetti westerns, melodies you can whistle and melodies you can't.  Maybe its just a severe case of attention deficit disorder brought on by chronic channel surfing.

From San Francisco, CA where faultine living necessitates an appreciation of each waking moment. The band motto: "Taste is the enemy of art!"- Salvadore Dali