Charlie Does Surf

The Pyronauts
(London Calling)

Paul Pyronaut - Guitar
Brett Cole - Bass
Pan Man - Drums
Bob Bitchin' - Guitar

The band started out at Colfax High School in the 10th grade.  Fire Arm, the name back then, was formed in Room 403 sometime in the winter or spring.  Paul and Leigh came up with Fire Arm, don't ask why (because no one knows), and asked Bob Butler and Gabe Pramuk to join to make a foursome.  Gabe played bass, Leigh played the drums, and Bob and Paul tried to play guitar.  As time went on the sound of Fire Arm transformed from grunge and noise to instrumental surf.  With a new drummer, Chris Hine, one year after Fire Arm formed their name was changed to The Pyronauts.  

In The Pyronauts, Paul and Bob grew to become actual guitar players and are the only original Pyronauts left.  However, Leigh rejoined the band for a short stint, but he was not an original Pyronaut, he was an original Fire Arm.  Sean Brown took over at bass guitar when Gabe moved to Santa Cruz for college. After 6 wonderful months with Sean, Tim Hunter stepped up to the challenge of filling Sean's spot when Sean went away for college. Drummer Jeremy O'Dell moved into Leigh's position when Leigh decided to move on to college at Humbolt State. The next departure from the band was bass player Tim.  Brett Cole, a bass player for about 4 weeks, has taken over. Drummer Jeremy and The Pyronauts parted ways in June on 2002 and Leigh came back to the band once again filling in here and there until drummer Pan Smith took over.

Together Paul, Bob, Brett, and Pan make up one of the most interesting bands in the Sacramento area: THE PYRONAUTS!