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I was listening to the comp yesterday the whole day and I tells ya, I was literally drooling, man! It's absurdely cool. Goddam! I'm a HUGE Clash fan and it just took me off my socks. It's SO good, all the songs are great.
- Claudao Rocha

Charlie Does Surf is a pretty consistently good comp, with a variety of approaches to the music of the Clash from 18 bands.

 - Phil Dirt, Reverb Central and KFJC Radio personality, San Francisco, CA

Japanese Review... What does this say???
Lost in the Supermarket - Japan fan site

Man, this disc freaking kills! So great, blows me away.
I will send all my Clash-loving friends screaming in your direction.

 - Tim O'Brien

What if the Clash had surfed? Would they have listened to the Ventures and the Beach Boys instead of Jamaican Reggae? To guess what might have been, this tribute brings together a number of surf bands from around the world united by their love of the Clash... Personal favourites of mine being Complete Control played so fast by the Lava Rats it sounds like the guitarist is having trouble keeping up, the flute led ska monster that the Anacondas make Guns Of Brixton into, and the way the always excellent Thurston Lava Tube manage to fit both moogs and the drum solo from Wipeout into Stay Free.

...a strong album with a distinct personality.  You might be surprised at how much you dig it.  I can absolutely foresee keeping it in my cd changer in the car, especially during summer months. I also think it's a great disc to throw on at a party.
- Jeff Johnson,

I plan on playing it much more, as it's a great sounding comp!
 - Mike Murray, WITR New York

The Clash, a great band, that's given -- but do their songs lend themselves to be "surf" songs?
As it turns out, YES, they do! And we can thank Rick Wilkinson of Rickshaw Records for this brilliant recording!

 - Unsteady Freddie - Twang Shebang Radio Show

I just got my copy the other day, and I must say that Rick is an amazing visionary. He sees something that he wants to do, and he stops at nothing to get it done! His final product kicks ass and there are several songs on it that are real gems! It's pretty cool hearing all the different spins people took in making The Clash surf. Check it out, it is definitely one of the more unique compilations out there!
 - Paul Beatie