Charlie Does Surf

Susan and the SurfTones
(Train in Vain)

Susan L. Yasinski - Guitar
Avory Gray - Organ
Dan Ferguson - Bass
Theo Spanos - Drums
Marky Kelly - Lead Organ

The band started out in the fall of 1993 in Rochester, NY as The SurfTones. A DIY cassette recording found its way to Gerd Dietrich in Hamburg, Germany. In 1995 ,Gerd signed the band to his label, Gee-Dee Music, and changed the band's name to Susan & The SurfTones. The first CD, "Without A Word" was released in November 1995. In April of 1996 the band made a trip to Hamburg to play at Grosse Freiheit 36 with The Looney Tunes and The Space Hobos. "Thunderbeach", the band's second Gee-Dee release, came out in September of 1997, and they went back to Germany for a tour with The Looney Tunes and Husky & The Sandmen.

After the 1997 European Tour, the band "relocated" to Albany, NY.  There, they recorded the 1998 Gee-Dee release, "Bitchin'", and did a month-long European tour in February, 2000.  A four-song EP, "This Ain't No Beach Party" was released for that tour on Freddy Spaepen's Surf Waves label. The live CD "All The Beat, All The Best" was released in October, 2000 by Surf Waves.

In 2000, the band moved west to Portland, Oregon, and in February 2001 they joined up with Kim, Brian and Dave for yet another month-long European tour.

Similar to The Clash we have three core members, Susan, Avory and Dan.

For this project, Theo joined us on drums and Marky provided some additional keyboard work. Our approach to surf music is based on combining surf with garage and punk so this project was a good one for us. We are very pleased to be a part of it.

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