Heavy Surf Compilation

Heavy Surf - Click for a Sample
Click for a Sample

Heavy Surf  Track List

1.  The Shores of Hell
2.  The Drifter
3.  Outlaw Beatnik
4.  Rumble in the Congo
5.  Six String Highway
6.  Fast and Loose
7.  Rising Surf
8.  The Phasing Spider Menace
9.  Sandpaper Paddles
10. Heptane
11. Death of a Reventlo
12. King Kong
13. Surf as Houdini

14. Killing an Arab
15. Batwave
16. El Toro Muerto Con Queso
17. Another Human Error
18. Lara's Theme
19. Sex Wax
20. Cadillacin'
21. The Pop Killer Cometh
22. Dragster
23. Scooter Trash
24. Surf Pit
25. Satan Stole My Surfboard

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