About Rickshaw Records Services


Rickshaw Records USA is a privately-owned recording facility and record label, specializing in the production and distribution of instrumental music, live recordings, spoken word, and custom radio jingles.

We have a full suite of recording instruments, amplifiers and microphones, and we partner with www.ZenMastering.com for professional mastering of our clients' material.

We are available for clients at our facilities, and for on-site live recordings throughout Southern California.  

However, we are very selective about choosing our clients:  We pick them ourselves.

In other words: We usually come to you, rather than putting out ads asking for clients.  If you have a demo tape, feel free to send it, or upload a demo at our MySpace page.

What Rickshaw Records is not:

  • A full-service, public recording studio
  • A Mastering Facility
  • A "Hit Factory"
  • A distributor

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